3 Reasons to Purchase a Whole-House Portable Generator in New Jersey

by | Jan 25, 2021 | Electricians

Homeowners in New Jersey have the choice between standby and whole-house portable generators to keep their home powered in the event of a power outage. Although both types of generators deliver the same result, many people prefer the flexibility and convenience of a portable generator. Here’s why:


The upfront cost of installing a standby generator can make it cost-prohibitive for some households. Homeowners can get similar protection from a portable generator for less. When an electrician wires the portable unit to the circuit breaker, it provides nearly the same instantaneous power as a standby model.

Improved Safety Features

In the past, people might have forgone purchasing a portable generator because of carbon monoxide concerns. Thanks to new safety measures, today’s whole-house generators have a built-in sensor. This sensor shuts down the generator when CO levels begin to rise.


Portable generators are an affordable option for homeowners in New Jersey who want to have a reliable power source if they experience loss of power. Whether the outage is caused by severe weather, an issue with the main electrical power source, or another reason, portable generators ensure that appliances run and the temperature stays comfortable in the home until power is restored.

Choosing a whole-house portable generator isn’t a decision to make lightly. Although cheaper than standby generators, they still require a sizable upfront investment.

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