3 Surprising Facts About Getting Dental Implants in Niagara Falls ON

by | Nov 5, 2019 | Dentist

You’re looking for the best replacement for your natural teeth. One option that you should look at closely is getting dental implants Niagara Falls ON. Many patients find that this approach meets or exceeds their expectations. Here are three facts about dental implants that may surprise you.

Implants Are More Affordable Than Many People Realize

One of the factors that causes people to hesitate with implants is what they hear about the expense. Without a doubt, implants of any type are more expensive than standard dentures. What you may not know is that the cost of implants is lower than in the past. When you consider how long the implants will last versus other solutions, that cost becomes even more affordable.

You May Never Need To Replace Them

It’s possible to live the rest of your life without needing to replace any of those dental implants Niagara Falls ON. As long as the gum tissue remains healthy, there’s no reason why the implants can’t remain in place. At best, you may damage a crown and need to have it replaced. Compare this benefit to having to replace a set of dentures after several years.

Caring For Implants Is A Lot Like Caring For Real Teeth

Very little will change in your daily oral hygiene routine. You will still brush after meals and use mouthwash. If you want to use dental floss, there are products on the market designed for use with implants. You’ll also need to come in for a checkup annually so your dentist can check those dental implants Niagara Falls ON as well as the condition of your gums.

Opting for dental implants is a wise decision. Talk with your dentist and find out if you are a candidate for this type of procedure. Feel free to ask any questions that have to do with the care and maintenance of the implants. You may find that this is the solution you’ve wanted all along.


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