4 Criteria for Choosing a Capping Machine for Your Bottling Line

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A bottling line lives or dies based on the quantities of deliverable product it can get out the door. Machines have expedited the process greatly, but many features and functions are available. Today, we will look at four basic criteria to pay attention to when considering a capping machine.

Robust Designs Run Longer

First, finding a unit that can withstand the loads your organization requires is a definite plus. Machines using steel frames and components possess outstanding durability. The material is also rust resistant, which is valuable because of the machine’s exposure to the various liquids in the product line.

Accuracy Isn’t Just for Robin Hood

A machine that cannot accurately perform its task at slow and high speeds might not be junk in the literal definition, but it is the next best thing. Bottle-capping machines should perform their tasks in such a way to produce tight wheel-to-cap contact.

Not All Bottle Caps Are Made Equal

Differences in cap designs and materials abound. This uniqueness requires a certain amount of flexibility in a bottle-capping machine. Capping units specifying adjustable functionality with a minimum of changing parts are the best investments. Likewise, pay close attention to the sizes of containers the machine will accept. A wide range is good, but a range that includes your bottle sizes is vital.

Speed Makes or Breaks Your Bottom Line

The speed with which a bottle-capping machine performs is one of its most important attributes. The above functionality is important, but a machine that underperforms or does not apply quality at the speeds you need is a waste of your resources. Find a machine that can perform to your throughput requirements.

Identifying a bottle capper is not an easy task. However, when you have the right machine on your floor, it will make all the difference. Taking the time to identify the unit that fits the above criteria as well as your budget will help your organization succeed.

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