4 Signs You’re a Candidate for Bariatric Surgery in Beverly Hills

by | Feb 28, 2020 | Weight Loss Service

Obesity is an epidemic in America. In a city like Beverly Hills where all of the women look like super models, it can really make someone self conscious. Many people consider bariatric surgery to help manage weight. Here are 4 signs you’re a candidate for bariatric surgery in Beverly Hills.

1. You Have Significant Amount of Weight to Lose

Bariatric surgery is not for someone who just wants to lose a couple of pounds. You need to have a serious weight condition. Most doctors will not approve the surgery unless the person has a BMI of at least 35.

2. Other Methods Haven’t Worked

You have to try other natural weight loss options before you go straight to surgery. Diet and exercise for a long time to see if that might be a better solution. However, those options don’t work for everyone. Tell your weight loss specialist in Beverly Hills about your previous efforts to lose weight.

3. You’re Committed

Surgery is just the beginning. After the surgery, you need to commit to a serious change in your life if you expect results. You need to show your doctor that you can diet and exercise regularly. If you can not follow the proper routine after the surgery, it will all be for naught.

4. Your Doctor Approves

There are a number of additional factors that can determine your doctor’s decision to go through with the surgery or not. You must also be healthy enough for surgery and seem sincere about wanting the surgery.

If you’re ready to make a change in your life, call to speak to a weight loss specialist in Beverly Hills today.

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