• July 5, 2022

5 Common Pest Control Measures Used by Exterminators in Folsom

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You have a pest problem in home and you want to hire a pest exterminator in Folsom. But before you go and hire a pest control company, you must know the measures taken by them to exterminate the pest from the house. In this article, we will shed light on the common methods used by pest control companies in eliminating pest from the house.

1. Chemical Based Method

This is the most common method to eliminate pest from the home. The process involves spraying chemicals on the pest-invested areas. Homeowners are advised to vacate the area for a few hours as the chemical may be harmful for health. Professional pest exterminators in Folsom are expert in applying the right quantity of the chemicals and in the right places to effectively remove pest from the house.

2. Using Pests to Kill Rodents or Insects

This method is used in case of outdoor pest control. Specific types of pests are used to kill certain rodents or insects that devastate your outdoor landscape. The process is natural where the pest exterminators in Folsom leverage from the food chain hierarchy.

3. Traps

Traps are used to exterminate rodents such as mice and rats. The method is used because chemicals are not effective on exterminating mice and other similar rodents from the house. A food is placed on the trap. When the rodents eat the food they are either trapped or killed. Afterwards, the pest control company disposes off of the rodent from the house.

4. Bating Using Poison

This method is similar to using traps. Instead the pest control person uses food as a bait to eliminate the rodent. The bait is usually poisonous that kills the rodent once it is consumed. This treatment is used when the rodent does not fall prey to traps. Using poisonous food as bait ensures elimination of rodent from the house.

5. Preventive Pest Control Treatment

The preventive pest control treatment involves activities that prevent situation from occurring. The preventive method is an important measure to prevent further occurrence of the pest in the house. This is what differentiates an average pest control company with a great one. The best exterminators will seal all entry points and remove breeding grounds to ensure that the problem does not reoccur after a few periods.

On a final note, you must research thoroughly before pinning down a pest exterminator in Folsom. Make sure that the method used by the pest control company is effective in eliminating pest from the house. One way you can confirm about the effectiveness of the method used by the pest control company is to ask past clients of the company. Request the pest exterminator in Folsom for a list of past clients and ring them up or even better visit their place to find out whether the method used by the company effectively eliminate pests from the house.