5 Tips If You’re Working with Easter Fondant

by | Feb 22, 2019 | Shopping & Fashion

This coming Easter, find better ways to use fondant for your sweet treats. Why not a bunny topper? That should make for a festive addition to your cupcakes or cakes. Or maybe you would like Easter eggs made out of cast sugar? Try out these tips before you get started.

Prepare your tools

Get everything ready. If you’re going with the bunny topper, then check out the Cake Journal for a list of ingredients, some of which include confetti sprinkles, lollipop sticks, cutters, a rolling pin, your Easter fondant, and more.

Read through the recipe

Don’t start a recipe without reading until the end. That makes it easy for you to follow the instructions, especially if some of the steps aren’t strictly in chronological order. That also means you’re less likely to make a mistake.

Check out discounts

Plenty of online shops for cake supplies will probably offer discount offers and great deals for Easter. Don’t be left behind. Get in on those deals. Start checking out their pages to see if they’re already giving away Easter goodies. That is one way to get ready for the upcoming holiday.

Keep it in plastic

Always keep in mind that fondant dries much too quickly. While it is important that you work fast, if you have excess Easter fondant, wrap it up in plastic. Do the same for any other parts of the cake you are not working on at the moment. That will help keep the fondant from setting much too fast.

Cornstarch helps

If you are looking for a way to smooth out the fondant once you put it on the cake or surface of the topper, try cornstarch. Use it on your hands. That will help smooth out the fondant, making it easier for you to work with it and create designs for Easter.

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