American Standard Air Conditioners in Marco Island FL Protect Residents From the Hazards of Excessive Heat

by | Jul 11, 2019 | Air Conditioning & Heating

In a climate like that of Florida’s Gulf Coast, especially with the weather that has been experienced in 2019, area residents might wish that air conditioning could be a right instead of a privilege. After all, for people with certain health disorders, air conditioning is important for their well-being. American Standard Air Conditioners in Marco Island FL are installed, maintained and serviced by qualified technicians.

Florida Residents With the Right to Central Air

In a sense, some people do have the right to air conditioning in their homes. They have rented a place with a lease confirming that the residence has this feature. If the system ever malfunctions or breaks down, the tenants have the right for it to be repaired at no cost to them. Landlords in this region generally include air conditioning because it would be tough to rent apartments and other residences without this feature.

Men and women who would like to see residential air conditioning become a right instead of a privilege might cite the dangers or heat stress for elderly individuals. This demographic makes up a significant part of southwestern Florida’s population. Florida laws require nursing homes to maintain temperatures at safe levels for their residents, for example. Those facilities are required to have backup power sources in case the electricity goes out. However, the state is a long way from mandating air conditioning in all of its residences.

Brand Names

People who have never heard of American Standard Air Conditioners in Marco Island FL likely have heard of the better-known Trane brand. If their heating and cooling technician is recommending installation of an American Standard product, the customers will feel reassured to know that both brands are owned by the same company: Ingersoll Rand. The equipment is very similar, in fact.

When households need installation of central air to replace an old system or a window air conditioner, they can rely on a company such as. The technicians also provide repair work on a schedule and for emergencies. A lack of air conditioning may be viewed as an emergency when temperatures have soared. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information.

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