Are Teeth Whitening Toothpastes Effective at Whitening Teeth?

by | Sep 17, 2019 | Dental Care

White teeth are the symbol for clean teeth, and an easy solution to obtaining whiter teeth is using teeth whitening toothpaste. Those kinds of toothpaste emphasize whitening on the package, claiming to whiten teeth better than the average toothpaste by adding special ingredients to achieve the result. When it comes to whitening toothpaste, though, is it effective?

On the plus side, a tooth whitening toothpaste lives up to expectations, removing more surface stains than the average toothpaste. Abrasives, peroxide and silica work cohesively to remove stains through dissolving and polishing the teeth. It takes two to six weeks to remove discoloration from teeth if the whitening toothpaste is used twice daily. However, toothpaste with a blue covering ingredient removes discoloration faster by gently bleaching teeth to appear whiter. Toothpaste for teeth whitening in Burlington whitens teeth by one shade.

The problem with whitening toothpaste is it removes discoloration stains on the surface. It doesn’t remove discoloration nestled deep inside the tooth. If a discolored tooth doesn’t whiten after use, it’s likely the stain is deep. Second, most whitening toothpaste focuses on cleaning the enamel rather than changing the shade of the teeth. Third, applying teeth whitening toothpaste to the teeth too often darkens the teeth by wearing away tooth enamel and exposing the darker dentin underneath. Brushing too hard while using teeth whitening toothpaste does the same thing. Additionally, if a patient continues to eat food that contributes to tooth stains, the whitening toothpaste is less effective.

Regardless of how often a patient brushes with teeth whitening toothpaste, nothing takes the place of a professional dentist. Patients at Fielding Dental Healthcare receive in-office whitening solutions to remove surface and deep stains while whitening teeth by several shades. Dentists additionally offer ADA-approved whitening kits to maintain in-office dental teeth whitening. For faster and more impressive results, schedule an appointment with a dentist for teeth whitening in Burlington by going to .

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