Aspects to Know About Installation of a Garage Epoxy Floor in NY

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A main advantage of an epoxy floor in NY is the seamless design, which many people find very pleasing. Another is the ability to resist corrosion and deterioration that can be caused by vehicle fluids dripping onto concrete. This is a reason why some men and women choose to have epoxy for their garage flooring. They know there’s always a chance that vehicle might leak oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid or coolant.

Having the material installed by professionals with a company such as Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation ensures high-quality labor and a lack of imperfections in the final product. It’s possible for property owners to place epoxy as a do-it-yourself project, but the end result may have some noticeable flaws that decrease satisfaction with the floor.

Preparation and Installation

Experts know exactly how to prep the floor and place the material for best results. If the concrete is brand new, little prep work is necessary. Otherwise, the concrete must be finished so the surface is smooth, and any cracks or holes must be repaired. Afterward, the workers apply the epoxy in layers until it reaches the height that qualifies it as a floor instead of just a coating. The floor can be any of a broad range of colors. The material is available in solid, speckled and other designs. The entire process generally lasts about three days.

Fundamental Components

An epoxy floor in NY contains two fundamental components: resin, which in this case is a type of plastic, and a hardening substance. The combination makes the floor very durable.

Advantages of a Seamless Floor

The seamless nature of the floor prevents debris from getting trapped in those areas, which can be tough to clean out. The debris can start to look grungy and reduce the fine appearance of the floor.

That may not bother everyone, but some men and women are particular about this aspect. They may spend a fair bit of time in this structure working on projects, or they may use the area as a showcase for a sports car or a place where they display woodworking items for sale. You can also visit on Facebook for more information.