Backup Generator and Power System Testing for Equipment Reliability

by | Mar 26, 2021 | Business

Backup power system testing for serviceability is indispensable in the safeguarding of businesses, facilities and operations. Many systems rarely experience power outages that would effectively test the reliability of generators and uninterruptible power supplies.

Dangers of Untested Systems

Untested systems can develop undiscovered anomalies that only appear in a real emergency. Untested systems are a risk for businesses when main power supplies or grid power go out. Untested or improperly maintained generators, failing batteries or out-of-order uninterruptible power supplies can leave even backed-up businesses in the dark.

Yearly System Testing

Load bank testing can successfully prevent these occurrences. The testing process emulates the load conditions a backup system would experience during a grid failure. These controlled loads enable a testing team to test generators and evaluate a system’s ability to sustain operations.

Efficient Backup Systems

Because controlled loads are not dispersed or random, engineers can easily confirm power-system and generator reliability. Load bank testing can take place during planned hours, which means they can be a part of routine maintenance and limit unnecessary disruptions and downtime.

Testing also calls for generators to run at peak efficiency, which is above the required levels in an outage. And system-customized testing also ensures that the power level will be enough to prevent damage to electronics and sensitive equipment.

Regular System Testing

Businesses can stay ahead of the game by ensuring system reliability through regular load bank testing and system checks before lengthy planned outages.

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