Benefits of Custom Furniture Reupholstery in Nassau County, NY

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If your custom furniture is stained, torn, faded or otherwise damaged or worn, or if you’re simply tired of the way it looks, you have several options available to you. You can replace it, put a slipcover over it or have it reupholstered. The following outlines some of the key benefits of choosing to contact Esquire for custom furniture reupholstery in Nassau County, NY, rather than either of the other options.

Custom Furniture is Less Replaceable

More than mass-market furniture, custom furniture is unique and hard to replace. In some cases, a piece of custom furniture can be literally irreplaceable. In such cases, a slipcover may only solve the problem by covering it up along with your beautiful custom furniture. By simply reupholstering it instead, you can restore and retain the original look of the furniture.

Cheaper Than Replacement

Reupholstering furniture extends the life of that furniture, staving off the time when you need to pony up even more money to replace that piece of furniture.


While reupholstery may cost more than simply placing a slipcover over faded or damaged custom furniture, it can pay you back more in spades through resale value. A reupholstered piece of custom furniture is as good as new, while, when you remove the slipcover from a piece of custom furniture without fixing the underlying problem, you simply reveal that problem once again.

If you’re ready to give new life to old custom furniture, contact Esquire for custom furniture reupholstery in Nassau County, NY, today.