Benefits of Dental Implants in Salem OR

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A large percentage of American adults suffer from one or more missing teeth. While this is an issue for many elderly individuals, it is a problem that can occur at any age. While this is true, those who are missing teeth usually have one aim, which is to have the missing teeth replaced.

Thanks to modern dental technology, there is an array of replacement options that can help restore a person’s smile. Dentures and dental bridges are popular, but an option that may be even better is Dental Implants in Salem OR. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of implants here.

Long Lasting

If dentures are used for replacing missing teeth, eventually they are going to have to be replaced. Sometimes dentures can be used for five years, while there are higher quality options that last for a decade. However, as a person’s mouth and jaw changes, new dentures will have to be purchased to continue providing a proper fit.

With Dental Implants in Salem OR, this isn’t the case. The post used for the implant is permanent and eventually fuses with a person’s jawbone. This means they don’t have to worry about having it replaced – ever.

Natural Look and Feel

With dentures, the possibility of the false teeth moving, slipping, or even falling out while eating or talking is real. While higher quality dentures eliminate this issue somewhat, there’s no guarantee this won’t happen. This is extremely embarrassing for those using the dentures.

When a person opts for dental implants, instead, this is a non-issue. With implants, the new teeth look and feel just like a person’s natural teeth. This makes them more secure and helps a person feel confident to show offer their beautiful smile without fear of any embarrassing problems.

If an individual is missing one or more teeth, they should consider all the benefits offered by dental implants over dentures here. The information makes it clear that implants are a quality an long-lasting option. More information about implants can be found by visiting the website an finding answers to some of the most common questions.

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