• March 30, 2023

Benefits of New HVAC Installation in Toledo OH

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All air conditioners lose efficiency and the ability to perform over their life spans. Eventually, maintaining them will not be cost-effective. If the air conditioner is past its prime, this summer is the perfect time for an upgrade. When having new HVAC Installation in Toledo, OH, a professional can outfit a home with a brand new, energy-efficient system that saves money and keeps the home comfortable.

Below are the benefits to opting for new installation:

Lower Utility Bills

All air conditioners decline in efficiency over time. Also, there are many homes that don’t have the right size AC system for their square footage. This causes unusually high electric bills from the beginning. So, whether the current system is too small or too large, Pugh Heating can outfit a home with one that’s just the right size now that it’s summertime. The newest units come with programmable thermostats so this allows even more savings. There is no need for the system to run at the same level when everyone is at work and school.

Increased Comfort

As air conditioners age, they don’t always keep everyone quite as cool. The newer systems on the market today allow homeowners to have unbeatable comfort. They are also quieter today, so many don’t even notice that the system is working to keep them cool.

Cleaner Indoor Air Quality

One symptom of an air conditioning system with some age on it is mildew growth and declining indoor air quality. This occurs as a result of condensation, dust, spores, and other contaminants building up in the HVAC system. Once a new unit is installed, the household will be starting over with a clean slate and fresher indoor air.

Home Value Increases

In cases where there is the possibility of selling the home sometime shortly, prospective home buyers won’t be thrilled about an old HVAC system. However, the installation of a new one can justify a higher asking price. Upgrades like this can accelerate the selling process. It will make the home more appealing than others on the market without this added benefit.

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