Benefits You Can Enjoy When You Get a New Air Conditioner in Irvine, CA

by | Oct 22, 2019 | Air Conditioning & Heating

If your air conditioner is over the age of 10, then it is time for you to get a new one. You should also get a new air conditioner if your current one is in need of major repairs. There are several benefits that you can enjoy by getting an AC replacement in Irvine, CA.

Reduce Energy Consumption

New air conditioners are more energy-efficient than the older ones. In order for an air conditioner to be considered energy-efficient, it must have a SEER rating of at least 15. Many new air conditioners have a SEER rating of 22. This can greatly reduce your energy consumption. You will be able to save a lot of money on your energy bill.

Increase Your Property Value

A new air conditioner can help you increase the value of your property. In fact, a new air conditioner can increase property value by up to 12%. Buyers prefer to have a home with a new air conditioner.

Increase Comfort

Older air conditioners have a harder time keeping your place cool. That is why you may have to keep adjusting the air conditioner to keep the place comfortable. You will have an easier time keeping your home at the optimal temperature if you purchase a new air conditioner.

Breathe Healthier Air

The air conditioner filter helps remove dirt, dust and pollen from the air. If your air conditioner is functioning properly, then your indoor air quality will improve. A new air conditioner can help you improve your indoor air quality.


New air conditioners are more durable than the ones in the past. That is why if you get a new air conditioner, then you may be able to keep up for over 15 years.


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