Celebrity Branding – Capitalizing on a Star’s Popularity

by | Oct 25, 2021 | Business

There are many ways to leverage celebrity branding that are both direct, as well as indirect.

Direct Celebrity Endorsements:

Having your product get the ‘nod’ from a celebrity can spark significant change. Think about Oprah’s Favorite Things shows. That kind of an endorsement catapulted many new products into overnight success stories.

Being featured on a celebrity show, such as Shark Tank or Dragon’s Den, could also shine new light on your product.  Even some of the products that didn’t sign a deal with a Shark or Dragon wound up gaining popularity due to the exposure on television.

Books that get a review or a foreword from a celebrity or someone considered a celebrity in that specific niche (a business leader, for example) can also enhance the success of that book.

Paid Endorsements

Paid endorsements are another area many businesses and entrepreneurs explore. While not as effective, in most cases, as an unpaid endorsement, this can still be impactful. For an investment, a paid spokesperson can help you with your marketing through infomercials, films, and other methods — such as via social media.

Celebrities and Social media influencers who endorse products on social media accounts can have an impact, depending on their reach and depending on their status.

Indirect Ways to Capitalize on a Star’s Popularity

There are some great opportunities to capitalize on a star’s popularity indirectly. But, caution must be used in an instance such as this because there could be legal ramifications if you aren’t careful about crossing legal boundaries and you must also ensure that you don’t cross lines of what your audience might consider to be an ethical issue. Some examples:

  • Hashtags – If a specific celebrity is trending, a hashtag based on that celebrity used in your own online content could garner more views.
  • Content – Use current events as part of storytelling and problem-solving. This can be used on your blog, your YouTube channel, a newsletter to your customers, and so forth.
  • Capitalizing on Trends – Celebrity trends could be capitalized to propel your business forward and help you gain notice with your target customer.

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