Certified Recovery Residences for Alcohol Treatment in El Paso Texas

by | Aug 10, 2023 | Healthcare Related

Not all people who require Alcohol Treatment in El Paso Texas are successful with outpatient programs. When intensive support and treatment are needed, a certified recovery residence can provide structure, a variety of therapies, and a supportive living environment. Multiple houses in different communities are operated by Nextep. Each gender-specific residence is located by local bus routes and twelve-step meetings for convenience.

The Stages

The six-month program is divided into four stages designed to take participants from initial recovery steps to independent living. The first stage is establishing structure and begins with ninety meetings in ninety days. The following stages include maintaining commitments, application, and motivation, and being of service. Interested parties of at least eighteen years of age can Click here for detailed information regarding every stage.

Custom Plans

The stages are the same, but treatment plans are customized to reflect the needs and a current state of each patient. Factors considered in developing plans include family relationships, physical and mental health, any past patterns of alcohol abuse, and previous attempts at recovery if any. Individual and group therapy sessions are conducted with experimental therapies added as well.

Varied Therapies

Recreational activities, physical exertion, and creative endeavors have proven to be effective in treating substance abuse. The activity as a backdrop for group therapy sessions tends to relax the minds of participants and allow them to process their thoughts and feelings clearly. Some experimental therapies include boating, art, kayaking, equine therapy, and completing a rope course.

General Requirements

There are minimum requirements for every participant in residential Alcohol Treatment in El Paso Texas. All residents must attend a minimum number of weekly twelve-step meetings. Weekly chores have to be performed as assigned. Participants must be financially self-supporting and agree to work, actively seek employment, or be a student at an accredited academic or trade school. People who are disabled or receive federal assistance will be required to volunteer within the community.

Specific Policies and Rules

Compliance with all policies and rules is critical for residents. Specific rules and policies are outlined in complete detail on the website. The application and pricing are also found online. The intensive treatment is challenging and difficult. It is also rewarding as residents are empowered to take back control of their lives and behaviors. Visit El Paso Behavioral Health System for more information.

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