• May 23, 2022

Choose Bronze Cemetery Markers to Honor Loved Ones

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When a family member or close friend passes away, many decisions need to be made about funeral arrangements, interment, and gravesite options. While granite headstones may be more common, bronze cemetery markers offer a long-lasting solution to honor your loved ones with a unique and beautiful plaque.

Eternal Honor With Bronze Grave Decorations

Most bronze cemetery markers are flat plates or plaques that have the names and dates of the individual person or couple attached to or etched into them. Some are attached to a granite base for more size, upright positioning, and sturdiness. Whether it is or not, the metal will last far into the future with minimal maintenance. Bronze develops a patina over the years. Basic polishing can counteract this if the family prefers a newer, shinier look.

Bronze Options for Headstones, Markers, and More

A flat bronze plaque is attached to a granite base in your choice of colors. The plaque frequently has a fancy scrolled or detailed border. The last name or full name is raised in shiny letters over the antiqued background. Dates of birth and death are included. In the case of family or couple grave markers, the final death date can be added later. All of these are standard graveside marker details found on metal and stone alike.

Bronze allows for additional three-dimensional style, however. Include a permanent vase for fake or real flowers, a metal ring at its base with a motto or names and dates, and images too. Your loved one’s likeness or favorite items like a car, sports icon, or religious symbol can appear in raised bronze.

Bronze Cemetery Markers: Cost vs. Value

Granite alone costs less than bronze options and especially bronze plaques affixed to granite headstones or flat markers. For many families, the cost is one of the deciding factors when it comes to placing an eternal grave decoration for their loved one who has passed on. However, bronze offers increased value due to its unique and elegant appearance.

Bronze cemetery markers offer a wealth of different style options and gravitas for people who want the very best memorial for their family member or friend. With the option to include one or multiple names, birth and death dates, mottos or epitaphs, etched images, and even three-dimensional elements like vases, bronze grave decorations stand the test of time.

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