Cover Your Grand Plans With Big Signs Created by Digital Printing

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Grand format printing (GFP) refers to printer-generated images that are created on print rolls that are more than 100 inches wide. This format uses extra-wide printers to generate banners, murals, building wraps, wallpaper, theatrical backdrops and other types of large signage. Compared to other methods, GFP can generate high-quality images at a lower cost. This printing method is far more economical than screen printing, especially for projects that require a small number of finished images that are of very large size.

Grand format printers use print rolls that are looped continuously through the printer rather than sheets that are fed through individually. This technology makes grand format printing the perfect choice for any large signage that needs to maintain its professional appearance over time.

Most super-sized printers use some form of inkjet technology, which produces very clear images with inks that do not bleed. Inkjet printers that use solvent-based and UV technologies produce images that are colorfast, crystal-clear and waterproof. Murals, building wraps and other advertorial images that are produced in this manner are ideal for outdoor placement and usually retain their original quality for 3 to 5 years.

Banners as large as 16 feet by 150 feet can be produced as a continuous sheet. Images that exceed these dimensions may need to be produced individually and permanently joined after the printing is completed. The finished banner may have grommets that are spaced 24 inches apart for easy hanging and display.

Grand format printing in Norman, OK, and elsewhere is used to create very large images, such as murals and vehicle wraps, that are ideal for use in business advertising. This format is especially cost-effective for projects that require a small number of super-sized images. The resulting images are colorfast and may also be waterproof, which makes them ideal for use on billboards and murals.

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