• February 3, 2023

Digital Experience Specialists Turn to New Open-Source Software Solutions

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Chances are that when people think about open-source software platforms, they’re thinking more about operating systems than they are application software. While it’s true that a large variety of open-source system software packages are now on the market, there are also full applications that can run on pretty much any modern device. These are often browser-based or use some other kind of vendor-neutral dashboard, which in turn reduces the risk of any sort of compatibility issues that users might run into if they were working with a more traditional desktop application.

Take the Liferay digital experience platform, for instance. This kind of software provides an open portal structure that allows entire enterprises to keep tabs on their whole operation. In spite of the sophistication that this kind of technology demands, the entire Liferay digital experience platform is composed of open-source components.

While it’s technically available under a mixed-source license that also comes with a support contract, those who are interested in deploying their own software could theoretically roll everything out themselves. Though most businesses will probably want to avoid doing so, it’s a rather useful option for specialists who need to take control of every single aspect of the installation process. Since they’re free to audit the code, information services personnel who are deeply concerned about the ramifications of running arbitrary instructions are always able to figure out exactly what a specific part of the application is doing.

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