Direct Drive Fans and Other Exhaust Hardware in New York City

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Clean and Safe Air Quality

When you operate a business in New York City or another neighboring community, you must comply with local regulations on safety. In fact, the air quality inside your building could have some major fire hazards. If you don’t properly remove certain airborne particles from an indoor setting, you will significantly increase the risk of explosive reactions. Certain volatile liquids and compounds could easily evaporate when they react with other toxic particles floating in the air. You should install a powerful and reliable exhaust system for your commercial building. A direct drive blower is a great option for an office, warehouse or any other type of large enclosed facility. When you shop for a direct drive blower from a local HVAC supplier, you should consider a few important technical specifications and other highlights besides just the retail price.

Technical Specifications of HVAC Fans and Blowers

A direct drive blower is typically rated in a universal unit that’s known as horsepower. Such a device is widely available with an electric motor that generates less than 1 hp during peak operations. The RPM of the motor is another vital parameter that determines overall performance. Most direct drive motors operate on 12 V of direct current. However, they must be plugged into AC outlets that are rated at 120 or 240 V. Additionally, some common materials of the fan propeller include aluminum and nylon for maximum durability.

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