Disability Lawyers in Phoenix, Arizona, Assist When Benefits Are Terminated

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Most men and women who receive Social Security Disability Insurance payments continue doing so until they qualify for retirement benefits at age 62. Their disability is permanent and prevents them from working full-time. If the Administration suspects that a claimant has improved enough to return to employment, they may terminate benefits. Disability lawyers in Phoenix, Arizona, can assist if this was a mistake.

Reasons It Happens

Sometimes this happens if neighbors or other individuals see the person doing activities that seem too strenuous for the disability to be valid. Somebody might be inclined to report this, feeling disgruntled about a person receiving regular payments without having to work.

Another issue that occasionally occurs is the claimant posting photos on social media of engaging in relatively vigorous activity. A friend or relative could also post pictures without the claimant’s knowledge. Disability lawyers in Phoenix, Arizona may be needed to help verify the person cannot work full-time and provide a reasonable explanation for the pictures.

Important Considerations

Simply being able to participate in certain physical activities does not necessarily equate to being able to earn a living. A disabled individual might have no difficulty playing a slow-paced game of doubles tennis, for instance. The four participants might play for 30 minutes, with none of them ever needing to exert a great deal of energy or athleticism. A disabled person also may have no trouble raking the lawn for an hour a few times a week.

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