Essential Planning and Ideas for Kitchen Remodels in Seattle, WA

by | Aug 26, 2021 | Remodeling

If you are looking for ideas to renovate your kitchen, then this article has everything you need. Depending on the scope of work that needs to be done, a few changes here and there can make a big difference. If your budget allows, go ahead with extensive remodeling; if not, focus on the most important things. Make sure to get some professional advice before starting so that you get the best results possible from your kitchen remodels in Seattle, WA.

Add More Functionality

One of the biggest advantages of remodeling is getting rid of all those nooks and crannies that serve no purpose anymore. They might have been functional when your house was built, but they probably don’t serve their purpose now as well as counter space does. If you want to get the most out of your kitchen, you need to maximize the amount of counter space. Add additional cabinets if there is room for it, or replace some existing cabinets with a different style so you can fit more dishes and pots into them.

Designate Space for Appliances

Appliance manufacturers are now offering counter-depth models that sit flush with the surrounding cabinets. These can save up a lot of space, and they look great too, so if you haven’t already done so, choose one of those models for your next appliance purchase. Even better, look for wall ovens or other appliances that can be mounted on the wall instead of taking up precious space on the counter-top. Most modern kitchens have no room for dishwashers and washing machines, but they still need to be installed somewhere. Many people install them in the laundry room, which is a space that is often ignored anyway, so this shouldn’t be a big deal.

If you are doing extensive remodeling, don’t forget to increase your storage space as well. For example, install cabinets under the sink or add another pantry if there’s room for it. Also, look for pull-out shelves and cabinets that will make things more easily accessible instead of opening all those doors whenever you need something from inside the cabinet. You might also want to consider installing tie racks or other types of closet systems where possible so you can keep everything neat and organized.

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