• July 5, 2022

Even the Playing Field with an Injury Lawyer in Minneapolis

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An injury lawyer in Minneapolis can help to even out the playing field between you and the insurance companies. If you have been injured because of someone’s neglect whether it was while driving or because someone did not clear their sidewalk you deserve help. When you are dealing with an injury caused by someone else, you may think that, it is easy to see how you are suffering and it is someone’s fault. Insurance companies have a different view of situations then you do and you may find that the scales are unbalanced when it comes to being treated fairly.

It Seems So Simple

It seems as if, since you were injured because of someone else, that you should be compensated but it is not that simple. Any time you suffer an injury keep in mind that:

*   Insurance companies are for profit
*   The insured does not get to say what they want to happen with the case
*   Sometimes you must fight for what you deserve

The Profit Factor

Insurance companies are somewhat of gambling institutions. Consumers pay for insurance to protect themselves in case of a liable suit but the insurance companies sell policies with the hopes that they will never have to pay them out. When someone files a claim against an insurance company because an insured caused an injury, the insurance company fights back and looks for reasons not to pay. Insurance companies are for profit, which means they want to hang on to that money.

The Insured

Even if the insured agrees that they were at fault, they do not get to make recommendations to the insurance companies. The insurance company is an entity that moves on its own, the insured cannot compel them to pay a claim.