Expert Drafting Ideas for Your Loved One’s Obituary in Eau Claire, WI

by | Oct 29, 2021 | Funeral Home

As opposed to a simple death notice, the obituaries that Eau Claire, WI, neighbors put together feature details tied together with relevant life experiences. Writing an obituary is an art.

Include the Essentials

If writing about the life of a married woman, remember to include her maiden name. Nicknames and professional titles are nice touches. Everyone should consider three details to include in an obituary.

1. The dates and locations of the person’s birth and death.

2. Names of and relationships to surviving relatives.

3. Details related to the funeral and whether the deceased would appreciate donations in their honor to a specific group or cause.

The Essentials Frame the Historical Narrative for Obituaries Eau Claire, WI, Residents Will Read

The person writing the obituary has the unique opportunity to introduce the person to others who might not have known them well. Besides that, the obituary writer creates a historical record that may benefit future generations of genealogy researchers and family tree creators.

Capture the essence of the loved one with obituaries in Eau Claire, WI, neighbors can relate to. Talk about the individual’s passions, hobbies, accomplishments, favorite books, personal character, and professions. Include personal anecdotes that encapsulate the decedent’s personality.

Toward the end of the draft, name family members who have predeceased the individual. Another beautiful way to end the short narrative is with a favorite quote.

The friendly staff at the Smith Funeral Chapel recognizes the importance of well-written obituaries in Eau Claire, WI, residents deserve. Our neighbors are welcome to turn to any staff member when honoring loved ones in print. Contact today.

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