Expertise In Residential Remodeling in Wausau, WI

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Damage from termite infestation and dry rot costs homeowners nationwide millions of dollars every year. Especially in cases when the condition has persisted unseen for years, internal damage from these two causes can render a home almost unsalvageable. And restoration is no simple job considering that it involves the very support framing upon which the house is built.

Residential remodeling Wausau, WI is performed by restoration contractors who have had specific experience in the one means to rectify such internal damage. The work involves completely clearing the house interior of all furniture and then stripping off the drywall and all internal insulation, leaving the framework exposed. Temporary supports are installed where necessary to maintain the structural integrity of the house during the remodeling period. Then the real work on dry rot or termite damage restoration truly begins. Each compromised framing timber is cut away and a new one put in its place. One by one, the carpenters replace each damaged frame member. When they are satisfied that the framework is fully able to support the house once again and all damage rectified, new insulation is put in, and new drywall then added to close up the interior once more. A coating of sealer and stucco completes the work, and the house is ready for the family to move back in.

The contractors who do this work have many years experience in such radical restoration work. They are often the same people who are engaged in asbestos removal from old buildings. These also have to be stripped down to their framework to get to the asbestos, and after which the interior is thoroughly renovated. When the job is done right, it is impossible to tell that anything was done to the building at all. That is the mark of true professionals involved with residential remodeling in Wausau, WI.

Contact Larry Meyer Construction Co. LLC for a consultation if dry rot or termite infestation is suspected. A service inspection at the property can tell the extent of the problem and what measures will have to be undertaken. As always with such extensive work of this nature, a free price quote will be provided prior to any agreement for work. But do not hesitate for long before making a decision. The very integrity of your home is at stake, so if a problem is suspected, call in the experts right away.