Features and Advantages of Medical Knee Scooters in Henderson NV

by | Aug 7, 2019 | Medical Store

Medical Knee Scooters in Henderson NV are alternatives to crutches that have several advantages for people recovering from an injury like a seriously broken ankle, or orthopedic surgery on a foot. In addition, they are useful for men and women dealing with certain types of chronic conditions. The devices also are known as knee walkers. This adaptive equipment helps patients be more mobile and more comfortable, allowing them to get around faster and with less discomfort.

Easy Travel

Knee Scooters in Henderson NV have three or four wheels, so people can travel a good distance much more quickly than they could while maneuvering on crutches or with a cane. Crutches require a fair amount of effort and physical energy, and using them can become tiring. There is a learning curve to using a knee walker, but motivated individuals become proficient with practice.

Low Risk of Slipping

If the person encounters a slippery surface, there is little chance of falling when using a knee walker as compared with crutches. A wet floor in a store, for instance, can be hazardous to someone using crutches.

Considerations for Heavier Individuals

A heavier man or woman with a foot injury may find crutches to be nearly impossible to use, especially if this individual is not very fit or has breathing problems. Every step is a significant effort. Rolling along on a scooter is remarkably easier. This person must be sure to choose a knee walker that can support the extra weight. Contact Las Vegas Medical Store to ask questions about the equipment.

Aspects to Evaluate

People will want to try out knee scooters in person before they buy or rent a specific device. Several aspects of the equipment are important to evaluate.

For example, the knee walker should glide and not require a large amount of effort to use. The pad on which the knee rests should be very comfortable. The customer should try out the handlebar brakes to make sure they are easy to use and fully functional. It’s best when the handlebars are adjustable. If carrying things will be necessary, the person will probably want to have the scooter equipped with a basket.

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