Filing a Civil Claim for Injuries with an Injury Lawyer in Grand Rapids, MI

by | Jun 3, 2019 | Law Services

In Michigan, personal injury claims are filed after an individual sustains injuries caused by another party. The legal claim identifies the defendant and why the plaintiff has chosen to start the claim. Personal injury laws encompass liabilities of all types. An injury lawyer in Grand Rapids, MI assists victims who are seeking compensation for their injuries.

Defining the Injuries

Most personal injury claims are filed when the claimant sustains an injury due to an accident. However, criminal acts often lead to physical injuries, too. If the claimant didn’t receive damages through a criminal case, the victim has the right to file a civil claim and collect damages. Personal injury claims encompass any type of physical injury.

What Did the Victim Lose?

Defining what the victim lost due to the action is critical to the injury claim. For instance, if the victim was assaulted, then they lost more than just money. The lawyer will add monetary losses to the claim, but it is necessary to also include tort-based losses, such as mental anguish. The findings of a psychiatrist are often included in the claims and present the full impact of the event on the victim.

Mediation and Arbitration Opportunities

The attorney for the defendant will schedule mediation or arbitration to allow the counselors to negotiate a settlement when possible. If a settlement is possible, then the attorneys will create a contract that outlines the terms of the settlement. If not, the claim continues to court.

How Is the Case Settled in Court?

The judge will listen to the arguments of both sides and evaluate the evidence presented. Deposed witnesses testify and are cross-examined to provide clarity for the victim and the defendant. The judge makes a final rendering after they have concluded the case.

In Michigan, personal injury laws apply to doctors, manufacturers, property owners, pet owners, and even perpetrators of criminal acts. The laws assist victims who seek compensation for their injuries and financial losses. An attorney helps the victim start a claim when they have a viable case. Victims who need assistance from an injury lawyer in Grand Rapids, MI can contact Bleakley Law Offices, P.C. today.

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