Find the Highest Quality Knives on the Market for Your Collection

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Sportspersons and collectors alike want and expect quality in the knives they buy, sell, and carry. Whether it is a Kershaw knife or the many other outstanding brands available, you will find precisely the fit you want with these made-to-order knives.

Kershaw Knives

A Kershaw knife is among the most popular and innovative knives in the industry and arrive at your doorstep shaving sharp. Some of the best-selling models available include:

• Kershaw Spoke Assisted Flipper

• Kershaw Lifter Assisted Flipper

• Kershaw Link Assisted Flipper

• And many more

These are great knives for introducing the new enthusiast to collecting. Click the link below to browse the entire collection of Kershaw knives.

OTF Knives

Out the front (OTF) knives are spring-loaded and open with the push of a button. These light-duty knives are perfect for someone without a spare hand to open the blade. A few of the models available include:

• Black Reaper

• Black Ghost

• Black Phantom

• And many more

The knives featured above are all double-action (D/A). They use a spring mechanism to both open and close the blade.

Other Styles Available

There is no shortage of selection when it comes to styles, including:

• Automatic knives

• Stilettos

• Butterfly knives

• And more

Click the link below to check out the trending items, discover the OTF laws in your state, enter the monthly giveaway or to see about becoming an affiliate.

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