• March 25, 2023

Finding out More About Vertical Garden Design

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Vertical garden design in San Francisco Bay Area provides a wonderful way for anyone to enhance the look of their garden with a unique and breathtaking addition. This new design option allows you to grow anything you want such as herbs and annuals in a vertical position so that they form a wall. The result is stunning and a true conversation starter. If you are ready to explore new and different ways to improve the space and functionality of your garden, vertical garden design may be the perfect option to explore.

Living walls

Living walls are another name for vertical gardens and describes the beautiful flowers and plants that are displayed in a vertical position. Care and management of the wall is very simple as most of the plants are kept in pots where the water can easily drain out underneath. You can discuss with your landscaper the details about placement and whether you want to start with one vertical garden or two. The options are endless and reviewing the available vertical garden design options can help you to make the best possible decision.

Ideal for small spaces

One of the main advantages of vertical gardens is that they are ideal for small spaces. For those living in apartments who still desire to cultivate a garden, it is a good idea to look at different vertical garden designs. There are many options to choose from that will add beauty to the surroundings without taking up too much space. In this way, no sacrifices need to be made in order to enjoy the pleasures of a beautiful garden.

Working with a landscaper

It is easy to think that building a living wall can be implemented easily but the truth is that the process takes time. It is important to work with an experienced landscaping company who can offer the best assistance about vertical garden design. They can help in deciding on the types of plants for your climate and whether or not to include them in your living wall. Whether you choose flowers, herbs, or any other type of plant, you will enjoy having a green area that is easy to care for and offers both aesthetic appeal and a functional application.

Schedule an appointment with a local landscape design company to find out more about vertical garden designs and what they have to offer you.

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