• July 5, 2022

Four Things That a Professional Drain Inspection Can Identify

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If you’re concerned about any of the drains in your home, a professional drain inspection in Sarasota, Florida, or wherever you live that’s performed by a qualified plumber can let you know if any problems exist. There might be concerns that you haven’t noticed in drains, pipes or other plumbing system components, and having these issues resolved quickly can prevent serious damage. Many plumbers nowadays even use cameras to perform more thorough inspections. Here are four things that a professional drain inspection can identify.

Connection Problems

Faulty fittings, tees and other connectors that are used in your system can be identified. Problems with your sewer system connections could be hindering how water flows through your pipes. Each area of your system can be checked to determine how water flows throughout it.

Blockage Issues

Your drain could by partly or entirely blocked, which will cause water backups that could lead to flooding inside your home. Quite often, the blockages can easily be removed with a few plumbing tools. More serious blockages may require your pipes to be taken apart to resolve the issue.

Tree Root Interference

Tree roots in the ground may be causing damage or blockage within your plumbing system and prevent your drain from functioning properly. If tree roots are causing problems, you might need to have certain trees on your property removed.


Corrosion can occur when pipes become old or are made from materials that aren’t designed for long-term durability. Environmental factors could also be causing your pipes to erode. If corrosion can continue, drain backups and pipe leaks could occur.

No matter how old or new your plumbing system is, getting a professional drain inspection will be an excellent investment. Drain problems aren’t always easy to identify, and a trained professional will know what to look for when performing your drain inspection in Sarasota, Florida, or wherever you live.