Georgia Businesses Need Email Encryption to Protect Sensitive Data

by | Feb 16, 2021 | Business

What is email encryption? It is a way of ensuring that the content of an email can only be read by the intended recipient. An email that is not sent by encrypted email providers could be intercepted and read by anyone who is able to access the information in transit.

Conversely, encrypted emails can only be read by those who have the decryption key to access the email. Email sent by encrypted email providers is often referred to as having end-to-end email encryption. With this type of transaction, the sender will use a public key to encrypt the email. The recipient is going to use a private key to decrypt the email.

Encryption is important in a world where everything is data. Companies encrypt credit card numbers, health records, and financial data. This is because they understand that there are always bad actors who are eager to get their hands on this data and use this data maliciously.

An organization’s desire to use encryption is both selfless and self-centered. The selfless part is wanting to protect the best interests of their clients and customers. Organizations realize that if their client’s private information is compromised, it could put their clients at risk of having their money stolen.

On the flip side, businesses selfishly want to protect their own interests. They realize that if a data breach happens and they are responsible, they may face lawsuits, regulatory fines, and loss of reputation. For this reason, email encryption is a must for all organizations.

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