• July 1, 2022

Got a Butterfly Knife? Here Are Three Ways to Use It in the Field

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Butterfly knives are popular because they are both stylish and utilitarian. A butterfly knife, also known as a balisong, is a knife that originated in the Philippines and has two rotating handles that can be folded to conceal the blade when not in use. Here are three ways to use this unique knife in the field.

Knife Tricks

The butterfly knife is one of the best knives for doing knife tricks competitively or to impress your friends. Its double handles and rotating mechanism allow for many different types of skills to be performed.

Cutting Work

Because the blades can be concealed for safety, butterfly knives are often kept very sharp. This makes the butterfly knife a great choice for general cutting tasks around the house or out in the field. Use your butterfly knife to cut through rope, sticks, metal wire and more.


Butterfly knives were originally used for self-defense, and they are still a great choice if you want to carry a knife for protection. Consider taking knife handling and self-defense classes to learn how to use your butterfly knife safely and effectively. You may need a permit to carry a self-defense knife in some states.

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