Green Engineers Design Sterile Commercial Kitchen Floor Coating Technology

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Ceramic coatings have long been used in several industries to keep surfaces clean, but you wouldn’t normally find them on floors. They were instead used on appliances and tiles to reduce the risk that germs would stick to them, and they’ve even been applied to some types of roofing materials to slash energy usage. A group of engineers who specialize in green technologies have announced the advent of commercial kitchen floor coatings that provide the same benefits for restaurants and other similar organizations.

Education market buyers, such as those who maintain lunchroom kitchens for schools, can invest in these commercial kitchen floor coatings so that they can trust that the floors remain cleaner than they would if they were made from raw material. Those who provide food services for industrial plants can get the same benefits out of them, especially if they’ve historically had to deal with people entering and exiting the kitchen area on a regular basis.

Since these coatings are designed to keep flooring surfaces cooler, they could also be used by those who have to deal with a great deal of waste heat. Ovens can dump a large amount of heat into the space around them, which could put stress on the air conditioner if it’s not ventilated properly. Companies that are working to reduce their carbon footprint may opt to use this kind of coating throughout buildings regardless of whether or not the space in question is used for food preparation.

Due to how durable these coatings are, they won’t have to replace them anytime soon.

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