Have Cloud Based Reminders and Notifications at Your Fingertips

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Does your organization depend on paper logs, reports, and schedules to communicate between and schedule shifts? Ever wished there was a way

all the necessary parties to critical information could access it simultaneously and communicate with one another about it instantly? An easy and personalized solution is readily available.

Discover Electronic Logbook Software

Because communication is vital to the smooth operation of any industry, having quick and accurate exchanges of information must be as easy, convenient and prompt as possible. Electronic Logbook Software eliminates the need to physically conference as a group to go over specs, shift changes, operational demands and immediate job requirements. Instead, all necessary personnel are instantly available with the ease of a cloud-based application.

Industries Served

A product of an industry leading software development company, Electronic Logbook Software is made-to-order to your specific needs. Just some of the industries served include the following:

  • Electric power plants;
  • Petrochemcal plants;
  • Warehouse operations; and
  • Boiler operators.

Tailored to Your Needs

Not every industry or company needs the same functionality from a software application. That’s why LogBook’s software is customized to you and offers add-ons to your specifications, like:

  • Mobile notes;
  • Security;
  • Remote check in; and
  • Data automation

To find out more about LogBook and how your company can create a stronger communication and collaboration platform, visit them and sign up for a free demo.