How a Sewer Cleaning Could Extend the Life Span of Your Plumbing System

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Most people know that it is important to do a kitchen drain and bathroom drain cleaning every couple of months. However, people are often surprised to learn that sewer cleaning in Loudoun County is also important for plumbing systems. Consider these ways in which a routine sewer cleaning in Loudoun County could extend the life span of the plumbing system in your home.

Reduce Pressure in Pipes

Layers of fat, grease or sludge buildup in a sewer pipe increase the amount of pressure that’s within it. If the pressure gets too high behind the obstruction, the pipe could burst. A sudden burst of a sewer pipe is an emergency. It could send sewage bursting into your home. It could also result in sewage in the yard, which would require extensive cleanup of the surrounding property.

Lessen the Risk of Cracking

An obstructed sewer pipe is at high risk of cracking. Water may try to force its way through the obstruction. This could cause weak areas of the pipe to crack. By cleaning the sewer pipe, the obstruction is safely removed. Water will be able to flow through the pipe with no impediments. A cracked sewer pipe would require partial or total replacement, which would involve digging up the yard to remove the damaged section and replace it with a new one.

Keep Wastewater Moving

Stagnant wastewater that has a difficult time moving through a partially obstructed pipe may cause your home to experience foul odors. Those odors are from the decomposition of human waste in the sewer pipe. Stagnant wastewater could also cause the pipe to experience rust and corrosion. A rusty pipe is weak, and it is prone to failure at an earlier age than what would otherwise be expected. Cleaning the pipe reduces the risk of corrosion.