How CNC Turning and Machining is Used in Manufacturing in Hortonville, WI

by | Jul 22, 2021 | Machinery Tools

CNC turning operations are one of the machine processes used to create products out of raw and semi-formed materials. This machine process is associated with a variety of industries, such as engineering, aerospace, and automotive. It is also used to create objects like ornaments and pieces of art.

What is the Machining Process?

Turning is an engineering machining process that involves using a cutting tool that moves linearly while the workpiece rotates. It consists of bars of material being held in a chuck and turned while the tool is fed to the workpiece to remove material to create the desired shape. A chuck is a work-holding device that holds the rotating tool in a lathe. A lathe is a machine that shapes wood, metal, and other materials by using a rotating drive.

Metal Components 

CNC turning operations make products from metal that is often used in the automotive and aerospace industry. CNC turning parts are divided into four categories, such as aluminum, brass, and steel. CNC turning parts made from steel are strong and more affordable for some projects.

Aluminum and Brass Components

Aluminum is a lightweight material, but firm. It is also resistant to aluminum and corrosion, which makes it easier to use in various applications. Brass components are cost-effective and easy to machine. They are often found in hardware, electrical contacts, and other commercial products.

Business owners can benefit from having CNC turning machines aid in their manufacturing operations. These machines can increase productivity levels and help with expanding your business. 

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