How Licensed Plumbers Diagnose Sewer Line Repair in Pittsburgh, PA.

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Homeowners who suspect they need sewer line repair in Pittsburgh, PA.

should contact a licensed plumber right away for a sewer inspection. The faster homeowners respond to problems, the better chances they have of avoiding costly sewer repair and water damage restoration. Here are some ways that plumbers diagnose sewer problems.

Signs of Sewer Repair

First, plumbers ask property owners about the problems they’re having. There are certain drainage issues that almost always point to an issue with the main line. These issues include several drains clogging at once in the home, sewage smells coming from drains, and bubbling or gurgling in drains when the dishwasher or washing machine is used.

Sewer Inspection

After plumbers get a briefing from property owners about what’s been happening in the home, they’ll perform a sewer inspection. This inspection is conducted using a sewer camera that’s inserted into the sewer line through a clean out. The plumber reviews the video footage in real-time with the property owner and points out any potential problems that come to light.

The sewer inspection can find the following issues:
• Cracked pipes
• Tree root intrusion
• Collapsed pipes
• Bellied pipes
• Severe clogs

Following the inspection, the plumber will make their recommendations for sewer line repair, replacement, or sewer line cleaning.

Types of Sewer Line Repair

Sewer companies offer traditional sewer repair that involves digging up the line and repairing or replacing it via an open trench. However, some companies have equipment to make trenchless pipe repairs. To learn more about the available options, homeowners should contact South Side Plumbing & Heating at Website. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information.