How to Effectively Take Care of a Termite Invasion in Your Home in Cairns

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Watching your favorite show on television, your spouse suddenly shrieks and yells for help. You rush to their aid and ask them what is the matter, what is wrong? Your spouse loudly replies with “I have found termites in my home!”

The First Steps to Consider Taking

Relieved to find that pests are the only cause of panic, you advise your spouse to first calm down and breathe. Inspecting, you have found that these pests are indeed invading your home and are wondering what you should do next. The first course of action to consider taking is to mix and apply a mixture of vinegar and lemon juice in troubled areas. This natural approach can be effective but may require copious amounts of both ingredients, which can get costly.


Placing wet cardboard strips around your home can attract hundreds of termites and can be used as an alternative solution. To take advantage of this method, you will need to stack several strips of wet cardboard and place them in problematic areas. Once the boards are covered with termites, you will need to burn them. However, this approach may take several attempts and may not provide a complete solution to eradicating termites from your home. So, the next time a family member yells “I have found termites in my home,” you may need to call a professional service provider for help if these methods are ineffective.

Who You Can Trust for Exceptional Quality Services

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