How To Get A Bond From A Bondsman In Oklahoma City

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In Oklahoma, criminal defendants purchase bail bonds when they cannot afford their bail. The bonds allow the defendants to be released from the county jail quickly. Bail bonds offer a more affordable solution for defendants who don’t have extensive financial assets. A local Bondsman in Oklahoma City explains how to get a bail bond.

Gather Necessary Information

The defendant’s representative gathers all vital information for the bondsman. The representative needs the defendant’s full name, booking number, and the name of the jail where the defendant is being held. The bondsman discusses the information, such as the bail amount with the criminal court clerk. All details are verified before the bond is issued.

Pay the Fee for the Bond

The representative must pay a fee for the bond. The price is based on a percentage of the total bail amount. The standard fee ranges between 10 and 14 percent of the total bail. If the representative doesn’t have the money, the bondsman accepts collateral in lieu of payment.

Use Collateral When Necessary

The collateral must have an appraised value that is greater than the bail. The representative can use real estate, automobiles, jewelry, bonds, and some financial accounts as collateral. Proof of ownership is necessary when using collateral. The representative must have a clear title or deed for certain assets, and the bondsman collects the documents. If the defendant doesn’t appear in court, the collateral is seized by the bondsman.

Follow the Terms of Release

The criminal defendant must follow the exact terms of their release or they are subject to a new arrest. The terms are connected to protect orders if the defendant is charged with domestic violence. Criminal defendants aren’t allowed to leave the state without permission from a criminal court judge.

In Oklahoma, criminal defendants have the option of purchasing a bail bond if their bail is too costly. The bonds are processed by a bail bondsman after a fee is paid, or collateral is accepted. A representative for the defendant manages the transaction for them. Criminal defendants who need to get out of jail can contact a Bondsman in Oklahoma City to learn more about a 24 hour Available Service today.