How to Help a Loved One Who is having an Epileptic Seizure in Edison NJ

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If you have a loved one who suffers from epileptic seizures, the best thing you can do for them is to help them get treatment from a neurologist in Edison, NJ. Additionally, there are steps you can take to help them when they do experience a seizure to ensure they will remain safe. These tips can help you to assist your loved one during an epileptic episode.

Avoid Placing Items in Their Mouth
A very common myth is that you should place a wallet or similarly shaped item in an individual’s mouth during an
epileptic seizure to keep them from swallowing their tongue. In truth, they are in no danger of swallowing their tongue. When you do force an object into their mouth, you run the risk of causing damage to their teeth. Additionally, the individual may inadvertently bite your fingers.

Clear the Area
You should also make sure the individual has plenty of space in which they can ride out the
seizure. This means clearing away furniture and any items that have sharp edges. You should also make sure people are kept away from the area.

Time the Seizure
As soon as the seizure starts, you should begin timing the episode. By keeping a log of the frequency and duration of the individual’s seizures, you can help a neurologist in Edison, NJ, determine the effectiveness of their current treatment. This can lead to different or modified treatments that may be better at regulating or limiting seizures.

You can also help your loved one by visiting Neurology Center for Epilepsy & Seizures, LLC online at to schedule an office visit.