How To Hire the Best Window Cleaning Service

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While it is easy to clean windows when they are fairly new, time, weather, and neglect can lead to some areas that are quite difficult to clean well – enough to make them shine. This is one of the reasons why homeowners will hire a window cleaning service.

Hiring a company that offers window cleaning on Long Island is not difficult. The internet can help with the initial research and help you narrow down your search results.

Citi Window Wash is a professional cleaning service in Long Island specializing in residential and commercial cleaning.

Choosing a company that offers window cleaning on Long Island is easy if you know what you need.

Customized Services

Window cleaning that offers customized service means that you can choose which windows need to be cleaned. Small homes require less labor and equipment than larger homes so customized services can help you save money.

Experienced Staff

Finding a company that hires professionals to perform window cleaning is important. The ability to clean even the dirtiest windows means that the company knows how to do its job well. Professional window cleaners know which products can remove the grime and buildup that accumulates on windows. If you live close to a busy road, your windows may get some road buildups on the windows which can be difficult to remove.

Also, experienced window cleaners know how to handle safety issues and know how to properly clean high windows.

Trained personnel who know how to do their jobs efficiently will reduce the cost of cleaning and save time.


Before selecting a window cleaning service in Long Island, make sure they are insured and that they insure their staff. Companies that have bonded and insured cleaning professionals are preferred over companies with no insurance. This ensures the appropriate liability insurance is in place in case of accidents during the cleaning process.

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