Immunity-Enhancing Vitamin IV Drips to Help Prevent Contagious Illness

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With the pandemic heading toward its third year and infection rates higher than ever, many people are looking for ways to boost their immunity. They’re aware that even fully vaccinated individuals can catch the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Adding a high-quality vitamin and mineral supplement to the healthcare regimen is one strategy. Men and women also may go to a wellness center for vitamin IV drips.

The Advantage

Providing vitamins intravenously sends them directly into the bloodstream, where they begin to work immediately. The therapy bypasses the digestive tract, in which some of the substances are lost when taking oral supplements.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is recognized for its immune-enhancing properties. Many people take higher doses than normal at the first sign of a cold, seasonal influenza or other illness. This nutrient is included in vitamin IV drips. Clients who are primarily interested in boosting their vitamin C levels can ask for intravenous therapy containing just this one substance.


Although zinc is a mineral and not a vitamin, this essential nutrient is common in immune-boosting therapies. As with vitamin C, many individuals take extra supplements to reduce the severity and length of the common cold as soon as they feel symptoms.

Getting Started

People dealing with unusual stress levels may want to schedule an appointment, knowing that stress has negative effects on immunity. Those who cannot avoid potentially being exposed to illness-causing viral and bacterial germs also could be interested in this therapy.

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