Important Things to Know About Gunite Pool Maintenance in Long Island NY

by | Sep 25, 2019 | Swimming Pools

Swimming pool owners enjoy several advantages when they hire technicians to complete regular Gunite Pool Maintenance in Long Island NY. Although most people can do this work themselves, many don’t care to bother with it. They may be stretched for time and they know they won’t be as consistent as the professionals are.

About Gunite

Gunite is a form of concrete that is sprayed onto reinforcing metal that has been placed in the ground. That steel structure is essential for preventing the concrete from cracking when the ground freezes.

Routine Maintenance

With professional gunite pool maintenance in Long Island NY, the tasks are usually completed more quickly. The pool owners are assured that the proper balance of chemicals is added, taking into account any heavy rainfall or extra usage the pool has experienced. A pool party can throw the chemicals off balance overnight, and so can a big storm.


In this type of climate, pool owners also will need to have some winterizing done before freezing temperatures and snow arrive. Completely draining an inground pool should be avoided because there is a risk of the structure lifting up from the ground without the weight of the water. Technicians typically do not drain any water, especially if a cover will be in place. The cover should rest on the water or it could deteriorate.

In addition, if the pool has a vinyl liner, draining any water can cause the liner to dry out. Most Gunite pools do not have these liners, though. Some property owners have a liner installed in an older pool that has developed an irreparable leak. The pool really should have a full renovation, but the owners try to buy some time with a liner since renovation is expensive.

Cover Removal

Pool owners will need to remove the cover when heavy snow is forecast, since the cover is not built to withstand that kind of weight. The same is true for a large amount of rain, so the owners should already be accustomed to this process. Pool technicians can do this work if the customers will be out of town. Learn more about Sky Blue Pools at the website.

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