• March 25, 2023

Interesting Ways To Use Chair Sashes

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Wedding and special event decorating do not have to be expensive. In fact, buying cheap chair sashes on sale leaves you with the fabric you need to create unique and dramatic accents and d├ęcor ideas that will add to the theme and look of any room or venue.

Use as Ties

For a unique look for head table drapes, consider using a chair sash as a drapery tie. This is a wonderful idea as it incorporates just a pop of color in the background without taking center stage.

You can also use cheap chair sashes on any drapes in your home or office. They make great additions to a photo booth or as a backdrop for photos at any event you host.

Layer Table Linens

To create a distinctive look on any dining or serving table, consider a layered look to your table linens. Choose a foundation color table cloth, then use another color for the table runner. Select a third color or go back to the tablecloth color and use the chair sash down the middle of the runner.

Having a good selection of different colors in cheap chair sashes allows you to mix and match colors and patterns for endless looks.

Create Special Cocktail Table Looks

Covering a cocktail table with a round tablecloth and adding a sash tied in the middle of the stand creates a unique shape. Play with where the chair sash is tied to find the right shape and style for your event.

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