Italian Pizzas in Miami Beach FL: An Introduction to the Different Styles

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Italian cuisine is famous for its deliciousness and simplicity; pizza is one of the most popular dishes. Whether it is the classic Margherita or an imaginative combination of toppings, Italian pizzas are available in most pizza restaurant in Davie FL.

Here are the different pizza types you will likely find in an Italian pizza restaurant in Miami Beach FL.

Margherita: The Classic Italian Pizza

If you have ever had pizza in an Italian pizza restaurant in Miami Beach FL, chances are high it was a Margherita. This classic pizza has been around for over two centuries. It has a delicious yet simple combination of tomato sauce, basil, and fresh mozzarella ingredients.

Neapolitan Pizza

It is the original Italian pizza in most pizza restaurant in Davie FL, made with fresh basil, mozzarella di bufala, and San Marzano tomatoes. The pizza is prepared in a wood-fired oven at high temperatures to give it a soft and chewy crust.

Roman Pizza

If you want a pizza with a thin, crispy crust, the Roman pizza is a must-have. This pizza is topped with mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, and several toppings like olives, mushrooms, and artichokes.

Sicilian Pizza

This pizza has a spongy, thick crust, usually topped with anchovies, mozzarella cheese, and tomato sauce.

Calzone Pizza

It is a folded-over pizza with mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, and other toppings like mushrooms, ham, and peppers. It is usually served as a snack or quick lunch in most Italian pizza restaurants in Miami Beach FL.

Enjoy Delicious Italian Pizzas

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