Keeping An Area Safe With An Oilfield Service Company Calgary

by | Jan 3, 2020 | Oil and Gas

The success of every oilfield is based on the level of safety and security achieved in its construction and maintenance. One of the simplest ways of achieving a safe and secure oilfield is to work with a single, effective company that has the ability to work on every aspect from new construction to maintenance. Among the aspects of service provided by an oilfield company are:

  • The planning and construction of a pipeline and adjoining facility
  • Structural welding
  • Required maintenance

Creating a pipeline and facility

When a company is looking to move its oil between two locations there are a number of options they can explore. Perhaps the most cost-effective and simplest option is to create an oil pipeline that quickly moves oil between two locations under the watchful eye of qualified individuals. Each pipeline needs to be monitored at all times with a facility in place that takes just as much planning and construction time as the pipeline itself. Working with a company with experience of producing both pipelines and facilities makes it easier for the new build to be completed in a shorter space of time.

Welding is about more than simply pipes

When a pipeline and facility is constructed the mind tends to turn to pipefitters welding the pipes of the line from an oilfield service company Calgary. However, a safe and secure pipeline and facility need to have gates, landings, and much more metalwork that usually needs to be welded to make sure they are safe and meet safety standards.

Maintenance is ongoing

Pipelines can be an enormous undertaking to construct with even more work undertaken to complete the required maintenance at regular intervals. A specialist team of welders and safety experts from an oilfield service company Calgary should be available to help keep every pipeline in place and safe for workers, local residents, and wildlife.

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