• January 19, 2022

Key Things That You Need to Know About Taking Your Child to A Dentist in Mississauga

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Children need to see the dentist by their first birthday. A trip to the dentist can be stressful for both the parent and the child. The good news is if you take the time to prepare, then it can be easier for you to adjust to one. There are several signs that you need to know about dentistry for kids in Mississauga.

What Happens During The First Dental Visit

The first dental visit will likely be longer than subsequent visits. The dentist will ask about your child’s medical history. Dentists have to ask about your child’s medical history because health problems can cause tooth and gum issues.

The dentist will examine your child’s teeth for problems. Your child will also receive a thorough cleaning from a dental hygienist. Additionally, the dentist will take the time to educate you about how to brush and floss.

How Often Does My Child Need to Go to the Dentist?

Children who do not have any many dental issues need to see the dentist every six months. However, if your child does have dental issues, then they may need to see the dentist more often.

Benefits of Taking Your Child to The Dentist

It is estimated that 43 percent of children who are between the ages of 2 and 19 have tooth decay. Tooth decay is something that can be prevented. A dentist can help prevent tooth decay by giving your child fluoride treatments. Fluoride strengthens the enamel. They may also recommend sealants. A sealant is typically placed on the back of the teeth in order to prevent tooth decay.

Furthermore, if your child has tooth decay, then a dentist can treat it before it gets worse.

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