• March 30, 2023

Know Your Rights for Personal Injury Protection

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When you pay your premium on your car insurance, you may not know exactly what you are paying for. You know that you are protecting yourself and others in the event that there is a collision. Your insurance is also intended to compensate others in the event they are injured in a car accident that involves your car. You may not realize PIP insurance coverage Miami is also a part of what you are paying for every time you send money off to your insurance company. This is your personal injury protection. It means the insurance company is automatically supposed to pay out when it comes to any medical bills, your wages, and costs to repair your car. If your insurance company isn’t standing by you, you need a law firm that will.

Your Law Firm Knows Your Rights

Turn to a law firm that is experienced in dealing with PIP insurance coverage in Miami when you have been the victim of a car accident. One incident on the road can change your life forever. An injury could have a lasting impact on your mobility and your livelihood. While you are recovering, you may not be able to work. You are stuck in limbo, waiting for compensation from your insurance company that will help you to take care of your obligations. A battle with your insurance company only adds more stress to your situation. Your law firm can take the stress off your shoulders.

You Deserve Compensation for Your Injury

You paid your insurance on your car month after month. You deserve to be compensated now that you have been the victim of a car accident. Shuster and Saben LLC are here for you to take on your case. They’ll review your accident, look at your costs, and work with your insurance company to get the money you need every day. Go to piplaw.com to learn more about their services.