Knowing How To Identify and Avoid Black Ice in Rockford, IL Is Vital

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When winter strikes, driving conditions can become hazardous. Black ice can form on roadways, making it difficult to stop. In these conditions, it’s crucial to drive cautiously. Unfortunately, some individuals don’t pay attention to these conditions and run into you. When this occurs, contacting a Belvidere auto accident attorney is a must. They can help if a negligent driver has hit you.

How To Identify and Avoid Black Ice

When black ice forms on the road, it can become challenging to detect and cause you to slide if you apply your vehicle’s brakes. Knowing how to identify and avoid black ice is imperative in these conditions. Follow these three steps to stay safe:

1. Observe Current Temperatures: When the outside temperature is close to freezing near 32 degrees Fahrenheit, black ice can form on roadways. Be extra cautious when driving if the temperature is near this level.

2. Observe Other Vehicles: Watching for road spray from vehicles in front of you is crucial. If there’s no road spray, black ice may be present. Keep a reasonable distance between you and the cars ahead in case you need to apply your brakes.

3. Stay Alert and Watch Local Weather Reports: Outside weather can change quickly. Stay abreast of local weather reports to keep safe.

Following these three steps is a great way to stay safe when black ice is present. However, if someone is negligent and runs into you, you may become injured, requiring compensation. In this situation, it’s best to contact a top Belvidere auto accident attorney.

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