Leave Your Skin Smooth and Silky by Sugaring in Costa Mesa Salons

by | Oct 19, 2020 | Beauty

There’s a rather new beauty trend that can give you the smooth and soft skin that you desire. The process of sugaring gently removes hair and is often used instead of wax because of its benefits.


When you visit a salon for sugaring in Costa Mesa, CA, you’ll discover that most mixtures only have natural ingredients. This reduces any reactions that could occur while the mixture is on your skin and leaves your skin healthy after the sugar is removed. Ingredients typically include water, sugar, and citrus.


When you use wax, you might feel a slight burning sensation because the product is heated. It’s usually quite uncomfortable when the wax is removed from your skin along with the hair that it pulls away. A benefit of sugaring from Costa Mesa, CA, salons is that there is a decreased risk of feeling this burning because the mixture is close to your body’s temperature instead of a few degrees above.


Sugaring is a process that is usually cleaner than wax and other products. Since there’s water in the mixture, most of it tends to absorb into the skin. The only thing left to clean is the sugar that’s left behind. A warm cloth can remove the residue, resulting in smooth skin that feels refreshed.

Short Hairs

Those short hairs that seem impossible to get can be targeted during the sugaring process. You can usually apply the mixture on your skin after hair has been growing for about seven days instead of waiting two weeks to use wax. This means that short hairs that grow faster than others can be removed soon after they appear.

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